Botulinum Toxin Training Manual

Botulinum Toxin Training Manual provides theoretical knowledge of how to administer Botulinum Toxin to the mid and upper third of the face, legally and safely.


Botulinum Toxin Training Manual


  • Overview – Pg. 2 
  • HEE Report – Pg. 3 
  • Introduction to Botulinum Toxin – Pg. 5 
  • The mechanics of Botulinum Toxin – Pg. 6 
  • Anatomy and Physiology of the face muscles and veins – Pg. 8 
  • Right and Wrong places for Botulinum Toxin – Pg. 23 
  • Neuromuscular conditions that predate treatment – Pg. 33 
  • What happens what Botulinum Toxin fails – Pg. 37 
  • Functioning Botulinum Toxin once injected may still be handicapped – Pg. 38 
  • Needle injections and side effects – Pg. 43 
  • The Frontalis –Pg. 46 
  • The Glabella Complex – Pg. 69 
  • The Orbicularis Oculi – Pg. 100 
  • Botulinum Toxin Aftercare Advice – Pg. 144 

Botulinum Toxin Training Manual Overview 

This course will provide students with the theoretical and practical knowledge to be able to administer botulinum toxin to the mid and upper third of their client’s face, legally and safely. 

The theoretical aspects will include the anatomy and physiology, the right and wrong areas for botulinum toxin along with the risks. 

The above will underpin the ability to conduct all practical facilitated training at Empire Institute of Beauty & Aesthetics. 

Note: Students must have completed NVQ level 3 beauty therapy with electrolysis and/or IPL or have medical qualifications with experience of working with needles. 

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