All Systems Hair Extension Training Manual

Provides theoretical knowledge of the application of conducting Hair Extension Training to achieve the best desired outcome for your client.


All Systems Hair Extension Training Manual

Complete Hair Extension training manual covering all hair extension systems such as Tape, Fusion Bond, Invisi Weave and Nano Ring that can be used as a training resource when teaching hairdressing procedures.  This manual is fully editable, and we can brand it with your own logo.

This Hair Extension training manual includes:

  • Salon Hygiene
  • Dermatitis
  • Storing and handling chemicals
  • Stylist posture
  • Hairdressing and barbering relevant legislation
  • Insurance
  • Anatomy & Physiology
    • Skin anatomy
    • Hair anatomy
      • Causes of hair loss/growth
      • Hair characteristics and classifications
      • Density
      • Porosity
      • Elasticity
      • Condition
      • Classifications
      • Impact on services
  • Hair Extensions
  • What kind of hair makes extensions
  • Single drawn hair
  • Double drawn hair
  • Where hair extensions come from
  • Hair extension length
  • Hair extension types
  • Hair extension colours
  • Matching hair extension colours
  • How to colour hair extensions
  • Maintaining a clients hair colour with hair extensions
  • Cutting hair extensions
  • Hair extension care
  • Hair extension textures
  • Contra-indications
  • Client consultation
  • Consultation form
  • Placement of hair extensions
  • Fusion bond extensions
  • Tape hair extensions
  • Invisiweave extensions
  • Nano ring extensions
  • Aftercare

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