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Kaushal Beauty Amazing Skincare Tutorial


Kaushal Beauty Amazing Skincare Tutorial
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YouTube star Kaushal Beauty gives an in depth interview and performs a make up masterclass with the help of Bollywood make up artist ShaanMu at the Aashni + Co Wedding Show 2018 in London. Kaushal’s tutorial and audience Q&A features tips and advice for skincare, perfect eye looks, false lashes application, foundation, skin mists, face masks, essential beauty products and much more. Kaushal also gives advice for YouTube beauty blogging success and talks about being a L’Oreal Ambassador.

Red Carpet News TV also talks to leading Indian and Pakistani fashion designers at the VIP launch for the Aashni + Co Wedding Show in London. Featured designers include Tarun Tahiliani, Gaurav Gupta, Astha Narang, Bageecha Banaras, Elan, Samant Chauhan, Gaurang, Shyamal & Bhumika, Shantanu & Nikhil and Sabyasachi. VIP guests also include ShaanMu, Miss Style Fiesta and Lisa Haydon. Check out our other videos for more exclusive beauty & fashion content, thanks for watching and don’t forget to subscribe.

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